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Local developers Urban Life are planning a number of housing developments in the Dublin area in the coming months, as well as launching 160 new houses for sale in Dundalk this month. The firm, headed up by Laurence Goodman, son of beef baron millionaire Larry Goodman, told The Sunday Business Post at the weekend that he had “a decent pipeline of stuff” that included new developments in his native Louth. In what was his first ever interview the 35-year-old said บาคาร่า ออนไลน์ there would be 270 units launching at three different locations locally in the coming weeks. This includes Mount Hamilton on the Carrick Road, which Talk of the Town exclusively revealed was being developed recently. “There are 160 units launching there in October,” said Goodman. “It’s quite a nice address for first-time buyers and trader-uppers.” With ground works only commencing in recent weeks, it is thought many of these will be sold off plans by sole selling agent DNG Duffy with the first show houses not expected to be available for viewing until early in the New Year. A further 105 social and affordable housing units will be coming on-stream shortly in Drogheda as part of a deal with Louth County Council while a new luxury development in Termonfeckin of five bed homes is also in the works. Urban Life, who were founded in 2014, are also finishing a ghost estate in Goodman’s home village of Castlebellingham called Castle Court. These units are being sold to an institutional developer.

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